As our member, your experience with Event Elephants matters to us. That’s why we’re making this event app to improve the business process  to ensure that you can operate more effectively.

What Is Event Elephants


Event Elephants is an event system that assists you to manage your business effectively and efficiently.  



Whether you are an event organizer that wants to host an event publicly or privately, a logistic vendor that wants to rent out your equipment to offset costs of your equipment - Event Elephants is the partner for you. 


Event Elephants make the process simple and secure  for you to host your business. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, and how you interact with guests.

Why Host On Event Elephants


Save Your C.O.S.T



All in one

In the Event Elephants app, it covers 360 degrees function that helps you operate smarter and perform better to achieve your goals. 


Complete in a minute

You can set up your events or products in just a minute because the information required are simple and easy to understand.


Clean and Clear

All the records are tidy and categories properly in the backend system. 

Time Saving

Reduce human mistake

All the action taken are in the app, and direct sync to the backend system. This can reduce a lot of the manual job and human error.


Host In 4 Steps


Submit the form


Wait for the review.


Receive login details.


Start set up your event/product.


Join Us Now!

Event Elephants

Save your C.O.S.T with simple but comprehensive event app.

Your Questions Answered

How can I register as a member?

Submit this form: and we will review all products or services submitted to avoid product overlapping. You will received login access after approval.

What can I do as a member?

  1. You can create your own event.
  2. You can sell or rent your product.
  3. You can chat with your participants before the event.
  4. View attendee summary and session-based analytics after the event.

    How long will it take to set-up an event?

    Just a few minutes. You just need to complete the event details required and click Save! Subscribe for a free demo with no obligation!

    How much will it cost?

    Due to Covid-19, we would let you to be our member for free now. This offer will end when Covid-19 dies down.

    Does Event Elephants charge an event ticket fee for free and paid tickets?

    Free ticket no charge. But paid tickets, will have administrative fee and PayPal fee.

    Do you have a trial period available for Event Elephants?

    Due to Covid-19, we would let you to be our member for free now. This offer will end when Covid-19 dies down.

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