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In the past few years there has been a massive shift in how prospects are buying. Their playbook today is to keep you out of the sale until the very end, then bring in bigger committees to make the final call. This results in a race to the bottom where you and your competition are made to look the same, so you have to compete on price alone.

It’s time for a new playbook of your own, one that fights what Revenue Path Group (RPG) calls the Three Daily C’s: commoditization, compressed selling time and consensus decision-making. Without better, modern strategies, selling teams are unprepared and ill-equipped to sell the way today’s prospects want to buy.

The Priority Sale is a methodology that will help you find more, better opportunities and turn them into customers. Here’s what DRMA members get:

  • Users have access to a structured learning path tailored to today's selling environment and challenges

  • Users have access to 2 eLearning courses/trainings a month, plus additional supportive/supplemental material (worksheets, quick reference guides, video content, etc.)

  • New content will be released on a weekly basis to ensure retention

  • Schedule:

    • Week 1: eLearning course and supplemental materials

    • Week 2: Review

    • Week 3: eLearning course and supplemental materials

    • Week 4: Review

  • Users will be given knowledge checks following each eLearning module for practice and retention

  • Users have access to 1 virtual learning session/month that will take place in the custom learning environment

  • Managers will have access to all above items as well as additional coaching guides, designed to be used with the manager’s sales team to ensure they are interacting with and retaining the teachings appropriately

DRMA members will receive exclusive pricing for seats on The Priority Sale eLearning Platform at only $48 per seat per month.

Learn more about The Priority Sale program.

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