Personal Particulars Consent Form

Dear Valued Guests,

Event Elephants, its associated and affiliated companies and partners, and their employees, associates, salespersons and any of their representatives would like to maintain and build a relationship with you through our marketing arm which sends interesting information to our clients from time to time.

In light of the Do-Not-Call (“DNC”) provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, it is important for you to provide Event Elephants clear and unambiguous consent for us to communicate with you via voice calls, all forms of text messages (including email, SMS, Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, MMS and any other similar forms of communication which from time to time may be introduced or invented) as well as to send faxes to you.


This is especially important if you have already registered your Singapore contact number on the DNC Registry, or
intend to do so in the future, but would like to receive or continue to receive interesting information from Event Elephants.

We shall be grateful if you could provide to us your consent and also your personal details and contact information which we may use to contact you for the purposes specified herein by filling in the form on this website.

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