Transform Your SME Beyond COVID-19

7x to boost your Profits through Business Model Transformation…

In this program, you will be exposed to 100+ successful Business Models which start-ups had adopted to transform into billion dollars companies!

Date: 23 & 24 September 2020

(Wednesday and Thursday)

Time: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Venue: Zoom Meeting


Coached more than 150 SMEs leaders from a wide array of industries like real estate, education, IT and more.


Over the last 10 years, helped SME leaders to overcome key challenges, and mentored them to achieve business breakthroughs.


Proven methodologies and strategies to guide SME leaders to creatively transform their business models

Here's What This Programme Can Do For You

A practical workshop specially designed for SMEs to thrive beyond crisis!


  1. Learn how to build sustainable & profitable Business Model using the proprietary “Value Creation-Delivery Framework”

  2. Learn how to innovate on 7 major areas to boost your Business value.

  3. Learn the secrets to boost your Unique Value Proposition to profit 7x more than your competitors

  4. Learn how to increase your customer retention and repeated sales

  5. Attract and retain good talents to contribute as a committed team!


You will also have access to 16 Freemium Models, 22 Pricing Strategies, and many more …


$497 only


Angela Dove - testimonial.png

Angela Dove

Director, Proof Perfect Pte Ltd

I experienced breakthroughs in running my business with Jeffrey's coaching support.

Jeffrey was a different kind of coach as he really cared and gave his time above and beyond what was expected.

As a result of his coaching, my business became streamlined and systemised, and issues that I had went away. You want a stress-free business, call Jeffrey!

Vanessa Lum - testimonial.jpg

Vanessa Lum

Owner,Company Secretariat Firm

Jeffrey was my business coach when I was running Gervan Biz prior to selling it off in 2014.

Jeffrey has helped me to systemise many aspects of my operations making it more efficient, Business is like any sports which requires a coach to upscale your performance.

I would highly recommend Jeffrey's services if you want to improve your performance.

Subha Nandhini  - testimonial.jpg

Subha Nandhini

Founder & Director, Wordsmith Learning Hub Pte Ltd

I have overcome many obstacles and challenges in my business after Jeffrey's coaching and mentor support.

Jeffrey is a Business Coach who provided extensive support whenever we need.

He guided to achieve business breakthroughs and face challenges with confidence.



Jeffrey Quek is a Certified Business Transformation Consultant and Business Broker - a qualified SME specialist in performance breakthroughs.


He was the first and only Singaporean to be ranked amongst the World’s Top 100 (consecutively throughout Year 2012 to 2015), in a renowned community of 2000 international certified Business Coaches.

Over the last 10 years, he handheld Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) leaders in Singapore to overcome key challenges, and mentored them to achieve business breakthroughs, thereby pushing them to attain greater level of success. 

In addition, Coach Jeffrey is a certified ACTA Trainer by Singapore Workforce Development Agency.


He is also a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant (TÜV SÜD PSB PTE LTD) recognized by Enterprise Singapore, to help SMEs access Enterprise Development Grants.

To date, he has coached more than 150 SMEs leaders from a wide array of industries like design, creative agencies, education, real estate, financial advisory, retail, publishing, IT, medical, wellness, events management, and more .


$497 only

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